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Activiti-1.3.2 and Alfresco -5 integration using Activiti Share Connector-1.3.1

Question asked by kpharsha on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by erikwinlof
Some of the features we need are:
1. Document management and business process (for the end user) in one interface only for a more seamless user experience.
2. Ability to kick off a workflow from a document - i.e. find a document in your repository and select a workflow to initiate using that document.
3. Ability to identify any current or past workflows a document has been associated with a particular document by looking at document meta data.
4. Ability to create users in Alfresco or Activiti. Should be able to login with sama user credentials with both application.

Steps Followed
Currently i have installed Alfresco One - 5 & Activiti 1.3.2

Configured Activiti Share connector Demo.

After Configuration
a) In Alfresco One, New user creation Menu is disabled.
b) In activiti, user created are not able to Login.

Please guide me, what might be the issue.