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How to set an expression in custom formproperty

Question asked by mcormaechea on Nov 7, 2015
Hello, is there any way to pass an expression to my formProperty?

<activiti:formProperty id="subjects" name="Materias" type="subjects" required="true" writable="true" expression="${process_identity}"/>

This is not working, and I found out that FormProperty does not have a getExpression method, just a getValue, so I cannot get the expression through AbstractFormPropertyRenderer.

Is there any way I can do it?

What I am trying to do is: I developed a customFormProperty (called 'subjects') which has a combobox, but I need to get some process variables to know what to show in the combobox. The thing is I need process Id to get these other process variables. ( user claims for a task through inbox in activiti-explorer)

So, when the process instance is created at the very beggining, I set a process variable called process_id with the value. But I need a way to send the process_id value to the formProperty.

I hope you understand what I want to do. Is there some other easier way to do it.? jaja.

Thank you very much!