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How to Setup a New Project (Non Profit)

Question asked by nicolaswaisman on Nov 9, 2015
Hi there.
I've been thinking for a couple of years now, to create a BPM Process Flow to be used in the Dog Shelter environment.
There are a lot of issues related with that. I realised many shelters face the same challenges, and that a well formed BPM could cope with all the problems I could detect so far.
The biggest stopper is I couldn´t get anyone to help me shaping the whole process.
What I want to do is to manage veterinarians, shelters itself, warehouses, dogs lost detection & finding, money managing / auditing, and so on.
As I mentioned it won't be profitable, that's not the idea.
So what I need is a developer willing to help me out.
Hopefully more people will come up along the way. Or not. Who knows…
Thanks in advance for reading this.
Kind regards.
Buenos Aires, Argentina