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Class Instantiation

Question asked by zohaibjabbar on Nov 10, 2015
I am trying to deploy a new process on Activiti Explorer and I am getting the following error whenever I try to start the process:

could not instantiate class test.testClass

I have tried to place my jars at the following locations:

1) tomcat/webapps/activiti-explorer/lib
2) tomcat/webapps/activiti-explorer/WEB-INF/lib
3) tomcat/webapps/activiti-rest/WEB-INF/lib

I have tried to create jars by following two methods:
1) using Activiti Designer options to create deployment articrafts
2) using regular "Export" option in eclipse

but nothing works.

Any help/direction/hint is highly appreciated. I have spent a lot of time to debug this thing.
Moreover, can you please let me know on how can I access logs. I do not find anything useful in the log file of tomcat.

Thanks a million,