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Task List Api (POST api/enterprise/tasks/query) always returning same result even Assignmnet details has changed in request.

Question asked by visingh on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by visingh

I am facing one issue with Task List rest api (POST api/enterprise/tasks/query). I am providing below request body in Mozila rest client


But i am getting the list of task which are assigned to some other users. One of the task I am showing here. Below task is assigned to user with assignee id 77001 but I have given 69000 in request body. Even I change the assignee to some other assignee id but result is still the same. Can somebody help me here and provide exact Request Body JSON if I am sending wrong JSON in request body.

"id": "101185",
            "name": "DemoTest",
            "description": "Test Task Demo",
            "category": null,
                "id": 77001,
                "firstName": "Bharat Singh",
                "lastName": "Rathore",
                "email": "",
                "externalId": "XBBKNTM"
            "created": "2015-09-11T06:53:20.143+0000",
            "dueDate": null,
            "endDate": null,
            "duration": null,
            "priority": 50,
            "parentTaskId": null,
            "parentTaskName": null,
            "processInstanceId": null,
            "processInstanceName": null,
            "processDefinitionId": null,
            "processDefinitionName": null,
            "processDefinitionDescription": null,
            "processDefinitionKey": null,
            "processDefinitionCategory": null,
            "processDefinitionVersion": 0,
            "processDefinitionDeploymentId": null,
            "formKey": null,
            "processInstanceStartUserId": null,
            "initiatorCanCompleteTask": false,
            "adhocTaskCanBeReassigned": false,
            "memberOfCandidateGroup": false,
            "memberOfCandidateUsers": false