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Unit tests with variable into workflow

Question asked by marcantoine on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by martin.grofcik

I'm based on unit tests located here: (and the source code repository).

I'll try to add some unit tests on my extensions of Service Task wrote in Java.
To test all configurations I need to launch this simplest workflow (with the simple activity), and pass parameters on the launch of the instance.
In my JavaDelegation class, I don't have correct values after get expression content. I get ${type} instead of the input value I passed to start the workflow.
Is it a bug ? because it work fine on a deployed instance of Activiti.
Do you have an issue for that ?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<process id="workflowTest">
    <startEvent id="startevent1" name="Start" activiti:formKey="startForm">
    <sequenceFlow id="flow1" sourceRef="startevent1" targetRef="servicetask1"></sequenceFlow>
    <serviceTask id="servicetask1" name="Test Extension" activiti:class="com.arkena.ConnectorJavaDelegation" activiti:extensionId="com.arkena.ConnectorDownloadTask">
        <activiti:field name="type">
    <sequenceFlow id="flow2" sourceRef="servicetask1" targetRef="endevent1"></sequenceFlow>
    <endEvent id="endevent1" name="End"></endEvent>