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Looping back to earlier task through exclusive gate in Simple activiti workflow

Question asked by vgaur on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by vgaur
I am trying to create a simple workflow using tabular view.  The workflow will look like this :

              |                        |
             \/                        |
Start-> UserTask1 - >UserTask2 -> <Exclusive> ->End

I don't see any method in WorkflowDefinition or in ChoiceStepsDefinition to refer to old task.
What I tried was

new WorkflowDefinition().name("TestFlow")
            .description("This is a test workflow").addHumanStep("UserTask1","UserTask1", "")
            .addHumanStep("UserTask2","UserTask2", "").inChoice().inList()
            .addCondition("isRejeted", "", "").addHumanStep("UserTask1", "UserTask1","").endList()

And Also tried

      HumanStepDefinition userTask1 = new HumanStepDefinition();
    ChoiceStepsDefinition chDef = workflowDefinition.inChoice();
    ListConditionStepDefinition lcdef = chDef.inList();
    lcdef.addCondition("isRejeted", "", "").addStep(userTask1);

The generated bpmn is somehow containing 2 exclusive gateway and creating 3 user tasks.
Any help.