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Activiti engine stalls

Question asked by sushantmahajan on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by trademak

We have been using Activiti Engine for carrying out our business processes but we have recently encountered a few cases where the process execution stops abruptly. We have 3 level BPMN structure where level one makes call to level 2 using callActiviti component, level 2 makes a call to the level 3 component using callActiviti. The level 3 bpmn contains the actual logic called using service tasks.

We have multiple servers that have an activiti engine running on each of them running together in a cluster, they point to a common database. The job acquisition process's execute method has been overridden to populate some other custom database fields.

The activiti engine works perfectly well for us for some time, but there comes a point when the job execution stalls, the jobs do not error out even after the lock_time has passed and the entire cluster comes to a still.

We are facing these issues in production and its critical as we are facing a lot of such issues now.