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'timeCycle' properties is not working as expected

Question asked by smohanty on Dec 3, 2015
Hello , I have a workflow to send email remainder 4 times with a interval of 48 Hours and i had configured as below and it is trigging email 3 at a time .


Please help me out if any issue on configuration .Below is the complete working code snippet . Thank you.

<boundaryEvent id="timerCandidateVerifyEmail" attachedToRef="candidateVerifiesEmailAddress" cancelActivity="false">
    <sequenceFlow id="sid-D7CE8C92-1912-4513-BBE4-A54FC78D7B01" sourceRef="timerCandidateVerifyEmail" targetRef="remindCandidateVerifyEmail"></sequenceFlow>
    <serviceTask id="remindCandidateVerifyEmail" name="Remind candidate to verify email" activiti:delegateExpression="${remindCandidateVerifyEmail}"></serviceTask>