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How to configure OpenDJ LDAP with spring boot app with embedded activiti rest module

Question asked by kanchan_ghosh on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by sayantan_sinha

I am new to activiti bpm (5.19.0 version) and Spring, and I am developing a spring boot app which has embedded activiti rest module. The sole purpose of the spring boot app is to initiate the activiti rest module (as activiti rest lib are configured in maven pom of this project). This app is running fine with Basic authentication based on activiti (kermit/kermit). This project does not have any xml based process engine configuration. I do not have any annotation based configuration also, just including the activiti rest lib initiates the process engine when the spring boot app is running.

Now I need to configure the project to use LDAP ( OpenDJ ) Authentication and I have to exclude the Activiti owned authentication (kermit/kermit).

1.  I have seen the Activiti User Guide (Chapter 17) about configuring the LDAP in processEngineConfiguration, but that is XML based, Can anyone tell me how to configure the LDAP setting by annotation based configuration, and as my project uses activiti rest module as lib in maven dependency, How will I get the handle of processEngine which gets initiated automatically and its configuration in Spring.

2. how to exclude the default authentication of activiti.