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Alfresco Activiti v1.3.2 - starting a process thru' camel route

Question asked by soaguy on Dec 10, 2015
Hello folks,
                 I have a camel route that works fine in the the community activiti v5.18.0. It is configured as below.

Camel XML route

<camelContext id="camelContext" xmlns="">
   <route id="initiateProcess">
      <from uri="file:C:\\datafiles\\input?delete=true"/>
      <convertBodyTo type="java.lang.String" />
      <to uri="activiti:testProcess"/>

This starts the process with id 'testProcess' and the camelBody is passed into the process instance. When I run the same in Alfresco activiti v1.3.2, it is unable to find the process 'testProcess' and I get the error –> org.activiti.engine.ActivitiObjectNotFoundException: no processes deployed with 'testProcess'. Do I need to pass in the tenantID as part of the activiti endpoint uri? I am not sure how to do this.