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Transaction Atomicity Issue in Activiti

Question asked by sakumar1 on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by sakumar1
Activiti Version : 5.17
Transaction : XA Distributed Transaction
Application ORM : Hibernate

Work Flow Sequence : Service Task 1, Receive Task, Service Task 2, Boundary Timer Attached to the Process with Service Task 3 associated to it

Use  Case : 1. Service Task 1 Executed Successfully and  persisted Process Instance Variable, Waiting for receive of Notification to execute Receive Task
                  2. Notification Received, Application Started its own transaction before invoking Workflow and  execution of Service Task 2 got   failed with Application error. in Our Application Service Task we are catching issue. Hence Workflow Continued execution. However Finally Transaction Got Rolled Back, beccause Transaction object Set to Rollback.
                  3. After Time out Boundary timer kicked in and Service task 3 for boundary  timer failed to execute because of unable to get process instance variable.

Issue :  There is a Atomicity issue with Transaction where Activiti cleaned up  ACT_RU_VARIABLE, ACT_GE_BYTE_ARRAY even though Process didn't complete.

Questions :
1.  is Activiti using Seperate Tranction for Cleaning up ACT_RU_VARIABLE ?
2.  Is this is a known issue, for which fix is already available in latest build of Activiti ?