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2 Questions: document variable  and  myVariable_LABEL

Question asked by bizilux on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by vasile.dirla
I couldnt find this in documents…

first question:
it is a field: "document variable" for generate document task…
I know that it meants the name of the generated pdf document, but how do i make it variable.

Right now i can only type in words, no special characters… so if I type in test, then that generated pdf will have filename test.pdf …
That is no good obviously. I would need probably naming convention like this: year_month_date_NameOfPersonWhoStartedProcess.pdf

second question:
I Am trying to make document template and I'm stuck at one variable.  In a form, user selects who will be his substitute when he goes on vacation. So a field type is "People". Now when i want to use that variable in document… it will show technical value instead of readable label, for example, instead of name "Luka Bizjak", it would show "3000".

And ofcourse myVariable_LABEL doesnt work, that only works for dropdowns… so what can I use for people field?

Can you please answer this two questions and add them to documents… :)