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Shouldn't Unique Identifier of process instance be displayed in Task Form Heading

Question asked by akashdhruvc on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by jonnyg
Assume I have a process in Activiti Enterprise Edition named "Loan_Process" which as 2 Human Tasks with UI Forms named - "Request for Loan" (with User Groups = Requester) & "Approve Loan" (with User Groups = Approver)

In case the 'Loan_Process' BPM is triggered 20 times & all 20 tasks are pending with Requester Group ('yet to be claimed'), in the task list, the group members will just sees a bunch of tasks named "Request for Loan" .

In case he wants to identify a particular instance, he cant - as the names of the UI tasks are all the same with no unique identifier in the Tasks App>Task List>Queued Tasks name itself.

What can one do in such a situation. Do we have a solution for this? Please Help