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help with unzipping .ANT file for activiti share connector

Question asked by bizilux on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by bizilux
Hello everyone,

we have activiti v1.3.3 installed, and alfresco   I believe both are latest.

so I managed to get AD working on alfresco, that was monumental success… anyways, now im trying to connect activiti to alfresco… and im having problems… or rather, I am stuck and have no clue what to do.

Provided documentation gives VERY LITTLE useful information when it comes to using .AMP files

It says:
Unzip the activiti.alfresco.repo-demo-ldap-X.X.X.amp file and take a look at the files, the settings you should pay most attention to are the ones marked with ACTIVITI SHARE CONNECTOR DEMO inside the file. Configure it to match your own LDAP, turn it back into an amp and finally drop it into your Alfresco One repository´s amps folder.

Well thank you very much, but how do I do all of that? I have searched for over an hour online and everywhere, and i cannot find useful information about how to unzip this damn .AMP file… all I saw was some command lines, but where the heck do I put them in? I tried CMD and everything, and downloaded ANT and all that… no luck.

Can you please tell me how to open this god forsaken amp file? :)