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How to pass Task local variables to subsequent task without storing them as process variables

Question asked by chaganti on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by jbarrez
I have a scenario, where I have multiple reviewers review multiple documents in parallel. Now once one reviewer completes the ‘Review’ task, the task state goes to another state called ‘Inform’ . Now ‘Inform’  task should be able to see variables used in ‘Review’ task in the same execution. Once the ‘Review’ task finishes, the variables associated to that task gets lost and is not visible to ‘Inform’ task.

The model is designed like, multiple parallel execution flows start from a node in a single process.(so each reviewer’s review goes into each single execution flow)
Now In a particular execution flow, once a task is completed, the local variables belonging to the task1(Review) are lost and are not available in task2(Inform) in same execution.
Is there any mechanism by which the subsequent task can access to variables of current task once current task is completed, without storing the variables in the Process variables.

for example:
execution-1 contains task-1 and task-2
execution-2 contains task-3 and task-4
after completion of the task-1 in the execution-1, only task-2 should see the local variables of task-1, but task-3 and task-4 should never see them as they were part of execution-2. Is this possible by not storing the variables against the process id.