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Working with ldap - what are the admin manage tab privileges

Question asked by ilansch on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by ilansch
Hi, so we have succeeded using Activiti 5.18 with ldap (Windows server 2012R2 Active Directory)
My question is regarding to the groups, We have 2 groups, Admins and Users.
The Admin will see the manage tab and users will not.
When admin is trying to view Users/Groups in Manage tab, what he is supposed to see ? We are recieving exception from the findUserByQueryCriteria (

What is the expected behavior ? When admin user login, he is expected to see all users from active directory ? all users/admins ?
And what about the groups ? to see 2 groups ? users and admins ? the real active directory users/groups ?

We are getting the exception since the Id property on the query object is null.