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Programmatically calling a callActivity in Java

Question asked by krraghavan on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by trademak
I have the following scenario:

1. A common workflow (say C) that performs a series of functions that are used by many other workflows
2. C sets several variables related to the logic it performs (result - success/fail, failure cause etc)
3. C has a wait state implemented using a receive task.
C may look like this (the variables set after getting a response depends on whether the response was a success/failure response etc)
start  —> |  Validate    | –> | Send message | –> | Receive task (wait for response) | –> | set some variables | –> end

Let's say workflow X calls this:

start –> | setup inputs | –> | call C | –> | examine variables from C | –> | do stuff |

Since I call this workflow from many workflows, I don't want every workflow to have to deal with setting the input and output variables in order to simplify the manner in which C is consumed (the set of inputs and outputs that are sent to and received from C are fixed)

One way to do this would be to wrap a service task where I set the input and output variables and invoke the call activity programmatically.  I couldn't find an equivalent of startProcessInstanceByKey (say callProcessInstanceByKey) to do this.  I found the DefaultActivitiBehaviorFactory and see how to create a CallActivityBehavior but don't understand exactly how to use it from there.

Does the parent process that invokes the call activity go into a wait state when a callactivity is invoked or is it waiting there.  I'm guessing that it would depend on whether Async is selected or not.  If it was synchronous and if C is in a wait state when the workflow engine crashes, where will the calling workflow pick up and resume?