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SSO in explorer app login screen

Question asked by ilansch on Dec 24, 2015
Hi all, we have successfully integrated ldap with activiti (windows server 2012R2).
Now i am trying to avoid to login screen to activiti explorer app.
When the user open http://localhost:1248/activiti-explorer/ i want him to see the main screen and not login screen.
I saw the method onRequestStart(..) on class DefaultLoginHandler
The lines:
    // Authentication: check if user is found, otherwise send to login page
    LoggedInUser user = (LoggedInUser) getUser();

are called, the user object is null, therefor it will prompt for username and password. At this point, i would like to get the user that is currently running the process. In order to do it, I need to edit something in vaadin web server ? Where do i get the user data from ?
When i authenticate the user via ldap, i put the login credentials in the custom xml file (not secured and probably will be changed)
But i dont know how to get the current user from the scope of the page/process.

I read this thread , but setting
Did not do even what he said.

Any comments/pointers will be appreciated, thanks.