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Question asked by visingh on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by visingh
We are using enterprise activiti 1.4.
1) I am able to get below data from REST API api/enterprise/task-forms/570123/ successfully. Json is given below.
2) But I am unable to get the data from api/enterprise/task-forms/570123/form-values/goaldatetime. I am getting "Field doesn't support retrieving REST values goaldatetime" even goaldatetime is a field in form and is having value. You can see this field in below json which I was received from step 1 (API api/enterprise/task-forms/570123/). Can somebody help on this.

                        "fieldType": "FormFieldRepresentation",
                        "id": "goaldatetime",
                        "name": "goaldatetime",
                        "type": "date",
                        "value": "2016-01-11T22:59:59Z",
                        "required": false,
                        "readOnly": false,
                        "overrideId": false,
                        "placeholder": null,
                        "optionType": null,
                        "hasEmptyValue": null,
                        "options": null,
                        "restUrl": null,
                        "restIdProperty": null,
                        "restLabelProperty": null,
                        "tab": null,