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ProcessEngineConfiguration gtSessionFactories retun null

Question asked by harishashim on Jan 3, 2016
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ProcessEngineConfiguration processEngineConfiguration = new ProcessEngineConfiguration();
Map<Class< ? >, SessionFactory> sessionFactories = processEngineConfiguration.getSessionFactories();
sessionFactories.put(IdentitySession.class, new MyIdentitySessionFactory());
ProcessEngine processEngine = processEngineConfiguration.buildProcessEngine();

I am getting null for sessionFactories.

In that case can I just create a new sessionFactories and put my custom user and group in that new sessionFactories?

Asking this because I did just that and get error saying

"No session factory configured for org.activiti.engine.imp.db.DbSqlSession"

Sounds like since I am creating a new sessionFactories I need to put DbSqlSession inside it too. But all the code I see did not show how to do this.

So can be that there is no need to put DbSqlSession but I am doing something wrong. For instance all the example I see in this forums show that getSessionFactories does not return null.

Any suggestion is appreciated!