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Image creation (explanation needed)

Question asked by usrt1 on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by usrt1

I'm trying to figure out how model, process definition and process instance images are generated, with no luck so far…

I have the following links:

<b>process instance image: </b>/activiti-explorer/ui/APP/4/148060344d5f-aba5-4299-ad58-67520305a5e0.png

<b>deployed process image: </b>/activiti-explorer/ui/APP/5/process%3A2%3A1488.png

<b>model image: </b>/activiti-explorer/ui/APP/3/myfilename-20160111144410881.png

What does <b>4</b> in <i>/ui/APP/4/148…</i> stand for?  Where can I find <i>148060344d5f-aba5-4299-ad58-67520305a5e0</i>?

I'd appreciate if anybody could point me the code/classes that are generating these links.