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Servicemix and Activiti Explorer Rookie question

Question asked by alanr on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by fernhaven
I see that there is an OSGi bundle available and distributed with Servicemix. I have used Camel with Servicemix before and I can understand how I might integrate a camel route with an activiti model by writing a blueprint XML document describing them both.

I have separately installed Activiti Explorer in Tomcat (as for some reason I can't deploy it in servicemix).

Is there some way that the Activiti Explorer under tomcat can communicate with the process engine in Servicemix/OSGi ? (Or for that matter any other stand-alone process engine as process engines clearly don;t need to use the explorer GUI)

I can't understand if Activiti-Explorer will only work with its own process engines (perhaps ones it creates when one uploads the BPMN Process definitions) , or if it can communicate with an external service engine via REST or some other API, or if it is a matter of setting up the various service engines so that they share a common database (eg. postgres).

As you can tell, I really may have the wrong idea here, I could use some guidance on how process engines are hosted and communicate between each other and the GUI/REST-API

Many thanks