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'Description' process variable

Question asked by lossril on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by lossril
I'm trying to create some generic process description.

Description is some template string defined in process definition with inclusion of process variable values. For example, "Vacation request. Vacation dates are ${startDate} - ${endDate}"

It should be created right after process creation and updated, for example, after every user task.

At first, I thought "Data Objects" tab in process definition properties in Designer would be perfect option, but the engine does not execute UEL expressions in it.

My second thought was to create some "definitionTemplate" string in Data Objects tab. It would contain the template. The next step is to write custom ActivitiEventListener which would parse this string and add some 'description' variable to the process instance. This method seems legit and I am going to try it. Several things are bothering me though. For example, the need to write(or add some third-party libs) custom UEL parser in my EventListener. Also, on what event type should listener fire up? ACTIVITY_STARTED? 

Any thoughts on how it should be done? Do other, more viable options exist to implement this stuff?