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Activiti Explorer 5.19 : Persisting form properties without task complete

Question asked by saurabhk on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by jbarrez
Looking at the existing flows (in Activiti Explorer 5.19 code base) the form properties are submitted through " handleFormSubmit(FormPropertiesEvent event) " in which is ok for most of the flows. However one of the user task could be of a longer duration (2-3 months), during which the user can keep on filing the details (some financial calculations) as the tasks progresses.

We don't want to loose the entries, in case application goes down. Hence looking to persist these entries in DB via a "Save" button. Just setting the process variables using the below may only help if the application remains up (is this understanding correct ?) -

runtimeService.setVariable(task.getProcessInstanceId(), "myVar", "someData");
taskService.setVariableLocal(task.getId(), "myVar", "someData");

Please provide some pointers for this scenario.