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Catch Activiti Rest calls, Activiti 5.19 on tomcat with waffle

Question asked by ilansch on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by ilansch
Hi, We have implemented activiti 5.19 on tomcat 7 with Waffle windows authentication (Server 2012).
What i want to do, instead of sending header in the HTTP request message, is to make my own logic of authentication.
What do i need to change, I am looking for a .checkPassword(..) somewhere, a class that i need to replace.

When i send Get request (for example) via chrome, i get a Windows Authentication popup, requesting for username/password.
I want to catch that place and instead of the default impl, to set my own.

Where should i start ? I was looking for classes like RestAuthenticator or a class that implement RestAuthenticator but could not find one.\