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About DB persistence after each step for BPM flow with only 'Service tasks'

Question asked by on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by pavitra
We have the following use case that we are trying to implement using Activiti -

These 3 steps are constitute a BPM flow -
1. Service Task 1 - some data capture task say from a queue
2. Service Task 2 - Some data transformation task
3. Service task 3 - persisting data results calculated in step 2

Now we need to make sure at each step BPM data is persisted so we know how long it took for each step.

Also say if Step 2 fails we need to make sure Step 1 execution details are persisted in activiti tables.

We also understand that in Activiti for Service tasks data is persisted only on success of all steps. We would like to know how to model above scenario in Activiti so it meets our needs using Activiti i.e. ensure data is persisted upon failure of a step.

Lot of questions in the forum similar to above question mentions use of wait state, receive task,etc…but we are looking for best practice to achieve above.

Any suggestions please?