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How to run 2 different Async process without affecting the two process that was running in parallel?

Question asked by pavitra on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by jbarrez

I am running 2 different Activiti process, all of them use service tasks in async mode.In this case if I am running one workflow in one process(in async mode) - will this affect the other process? - what I see when running the sample attached below is activiti in multiple processes. HelloWorldWorkflow1ProcessMain is executing the workflow steps in the HelloWorldWorkflow2ProcessMain. Both have different workflow running in different process.

I want first process to take care of workflow steps running in first process(HelloWorldWorkflow1ProcessMain)and the second process to take care the workflow steps in the second process(HelloWorldWorkflow2Process ).

see for example - HelloWorld1Flow - has 3 steps and running in HelloWorldWorkflow1ProcessMain, and
HelloWorld2Flow - has 3 steps and running in HelloWorldWorkflow2ProcessMain. We don’t want HelloWorldWorkflow2ProcessMain to run the workflow steps(HelloWorld1Flow) in the HelloWorldWorkflow1ProcessMain and vice-versa. Both processes are running in parallel how do we achieve this? Thanks in advance.

See I have attached my actviti.config.xml file and two workflow file more information.For two different process I use the same activiti configuration(actviti.config.xml).