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Process instance resume not seeing the exection while in wait state

Question asked by badrisudheer on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by badrisudheer

We have recently upgraded from Activiti (upgrade(5.15.1-> The application uses activiti as an embedded engine via Spring configuration. We are still using job executor and not async executor that has been introduced in recent versions. We have observed an issue for one of the workflows where we have an Asychronous processing where the process instance goes into a wait state with a Timer set. However, we have logic in place to Resume from the wait state if in case the Asynchronous process gets completed earlier than the set Timer duration. We resume the execution by signaling the execution id (we retrieve this by using a process instance id that we persisted in our application specific table) using Runtime interface. So, after the upgarde, it has been observed that, for some process instance executions,  we are unable to retrieve the execution by using the process instance id in hand which used to work great before the upgrade and even after the upgrade it works for few process instance executions. Please note that our application runs on 2 nodes that means each node would have the application with an embedded activiti engine running.

Also, another observation is, we used to see the process instances in Activiti tables when the execution is in Wait State but, after the upgrade, we are not seeing any entries in Runtime tables. So, the understanding is, the question is - may be Activiti engine is not saving the state into Activiti tables when a Wait State is reached ?

If the state is not committed to DB and then when we are trying to Resume the flow by querying for the process instance using the process instance id in hand my be its coming back as its not found ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.