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Problem with user task assignee inside multi-instance subprocess

Question asked by ddeligeo on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by martin.grofcik
Hi, I'm pretty new to Activiti and BPMN.  I'm having a problem with setting the assignee on a user task within a multi-instance subprocess.  The simplified scenario is as follows:

- Create a simple process with one user task, and one multi-instance (parallel) subprocess.
- For the subprocess, set the activiti:collection to "assigneeList", and the activiti:elementVariable to "assignee".
- For the first user task inside the subprocess, set the activiti:assignee to "${assignee}".
- Set the process variable assigneeList to ["fozzie", "gonzo"].
- Complete the first user task.

The result is that two active subprocess executions are created (as expected) and an assignee variable for each execution is set to fozzie or gonzo, respectively (also expected).  The problem is that the assignee is null for the first user task inside each subprocess instance.  If I take the subprocess out of the picture and follow the same pattern for a multi-instance user task instead, the assignee is correctly set for each parallel task.

How to I set the assignee of a user task inside a multi-instance subprocess based on the element variable associated with the subprocess?