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Poller process

Question asked by robinho on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by robinho

I have created an activiti process for the lifecycle of an email which passes many service tasks.

Now I have another process that polls emails from a queue and starts the new activiti email process everytime a new email is polled.
the poller process should never stop polling.

I understand that an activiti process(the poller) is not meant to never end?
I tried to make this work, but when an error occurs in 1 of my activiti email processes, the poller process also stops.

How should this be made?
I am thinking about the REST API?
(I create my poller outside of activiti, and I call the api everytime a new email process needs to be started?)

I really want to keep everything within my actviti explorer, but is this possible?

really need me some advice. Thanks