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Users from LDAP but groups from Activiti or another SQL

Question asked by p4w3l on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by p4w3l
The chapter 17 of Activiti manual shows how to deploy LDAP totally to Users and Groups or individually with OWN implementation.

May we use individual scenario with Activiti's org.activiti.ldap.LDAPUserManagerFactory as a parameter to "customSessionFactories" leaving LdapGroupManagerFactory in "customSessionFactories" not defined so the engine would use default SQL implementation? This is how I use it today with custom classes which I would like to retire.

Here is an example in how it could me more less configured:

Activiti 5.18 says that org.activiti.ldap.LDAPUserManagerFactory has no default constructor so it is not possible to configure in activiti.cfg.xml individually ?