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Issue with HTTPS protocol and change of Application Context

Question asked by prakashm88 on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by jbarrez
We have a very peculiar issue with the Explorer UI. Its probably with an unhandled scenario and we are using Activiti 5.18 version. 
Our architecture uses a GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing). With a common URL, GSLB takes care of routing the request to multiple Server instance.
GSLB Url is enabled with SSL but the instances under it is not enabled with SSL.

When I open the URL which lists the "Deployed Process Definitions" does not show the Process Diagram in the right side panel.
After some debugging I found that a JSON response returned from server contains a "http" URL, and HTTP is not allowed in the GSLB url.

{"id": "PID512","height": "435px","width": "635px","caption": "","type": "browser","src": "http:\/\/\/web\/diagram-viewer\/index.html?processDefinitionId=c1:1:8","mimetype": "text\/html"}

I guess, as the request redirected by the GSLB to the app server is in HTTP protocol code is returning the resonse as HTTP for the Process Definition URL.

Is there a way to make the protocol to HTTPS from without changing the code. If this could be done with only the code change, Could you help the file names where the changes would be necessary.

There were other issues with hard-coded context in the Application to "activiti-explorer" in the diagram-viewer and explorer-app. As they were just Script changes we managed to resolve them easily.  But the above stated issues seems to need a change in VAADIN/JAVA side.

Any help is appreciated, thanks !