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Looking for a developper to enhance activiti (payed)

Question asked by dmill on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by hari
Hello devs,

I don't know if this is condoned or not in this forum but if I shouldn't post this here feel free to let me know and I'll remove what I can.
We're currently using the activiti-rest and activiti-explorer webapps in tomcat7 and would like to add some properties to shell commands (or a child event with these properties).

The idea is to only run the shell task if cpu and ram usages are at or bellow the defined threshold. If not just wait until the threshold is met (increments of x seconds).

it could look something along the lines of :

<serviceTask id="shellEcho" activiti:type="shell" >
    <activiti:field name="cpu" intValue="50" /> // only run if cpu at or under 50% usage
    <activiti:field name="ram" intValue="50" /> // same for ram
    <activiti:field name="command" stringValue="cmd" />
    <activiti:field name="arg1" stringValue="/c" />
    <activiti:field name="arg2" stringValue="echo" />
    <activiti:field name="arg3" stringValue="EchoTest" />
    <activiti:field name="wait" stringValue="true" />
    <activiti:field name="outputVariable" stringValue="resultVar" />

or any other variation you may like so long as it can be defined in the process xml using variables ${var}

This is payed work, price is to be defined. If there are any people interested please let me know.