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Multi instance with user task with same candidate groups

Question asked by ganeshr on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by ganeshr
Is there a way to spawn a user task in to n user tasks using a collection variable with same candidate group and same candidate user, but with different form property values?
Let's say I have process with two user tasks. After the first task is completed then I want to spawn the next user task to n instances based on a collection list variable. Suppose that the collection variable holds two values( "form12" , "form13"). Then two user task instances should be created and the user task instance 1 should have the form property value as "form12" and the user task instance 2 should have the form property value as "form13".  And for both the user task instance the candidate users and candidate group should be the same.
Is this achievable with Activiti ? If yes, can you give us some information.