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IdentityService vs. UserService

Question asked by johlyn on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by jbarrez
I'm using activiti-app v1.4.1 and LDAP sync to fill 'user' and 'group' (and also add some users/groups manually from the activiti-app-gui (IdentityManagement))

Then I'm using activiti-engine 5.19 API (RuntimeService, TaskService, etc) in another module of our system.
But, the IdentityService is using the tables 'act_id_user' and 'act_id_group' which make it a bit… hard to find the users I want (the tables are empty)

I have found some forum threads of how to write my own UserService (and connect them to the 'user' and 'group' tables)…
Another solution would be to not only depend on the activiti-engine in our seperate module, but the 'UserService' in activiti-app-logic.jar…

I've been informed that the 'act_id_user' and 'act_id_group' will be removed in a later release, correct?
What would be the proper way?
Just wait on the next release, where IdentityService using the same tables as UserService? Write my own service? Make our seperate module depend on activit-app-logic.jar?

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