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Web Model and Form Designer for Activiti

Question asked by jonvargas on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by jbarrez

We are starting the architecture of a new project that will use Activiti Engine as the BPM platform.

However, we require to provide a Forms designer, to create User Task forms easily, and map fields to properties, and so on. Also, we also need to provide a Model designer, so that model designers can draw and define the models easily.

So, I saw Alfresco Activiti and noticed that it already has some kind of Form and Model designer integrated, Web-based, and I wanted to ask the following:

1. Are these Alfresco Activiti components open source and maintained somewhere? I was unable to find references about them on Github
2. If not, what kind of components do you suggest to provide a Forms and Model designer would you suggest?
3. Would you recommend to develop and integrate these designers in our application? Or use the ones provided by a 3rd party?

How do you guys provide the Model and Form designer components usually in you projects?

Thanks in advance.