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activiti6 branch build fails caused by activiti-mule build

Question asked by chuck.irvine on Mar 4, 2016
Steps to reproduce:

1. Clone fresh repo this morning (3/4/16).
2. git checkout activiti6
3. mvn -Pdistro clean install -DskipTests
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project activiti-mule: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.activiti:activiti-mule:jar:6.0.0.Beta3-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at org.mule.transports:mule-transport-vm:jar:3.5.0 -> org.mule.modules:mule-module-xml:jar:3.5.0 -> Failed to read artifact descriptor for Could not transfer artifact from/to codehaus ( Failed to transfer file: Return code is: 503 , ReasonPhrase:Service Unavailable. -> [Help 1]