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How to set database table prefix when using Spring Boot?

Question asked by jubedus on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by shere_khan_
Hello Experts,

  I am trying to switch my Activiti 5.19.0 + Spring Boot application to Oracle database. All Activiti tables have been already created by DBA in a dedicated schema. According to documentation, I need to specify database table prefix in order for Activiti queries to run successfully. Otherwise, Activiti doesn't find the tables. I tried adding the following entries in


As I'm debugging through Activiti code (ProcessEngineConfiguration), I can see that configuration for databaseSchema is applied, but databaseTablePrefix and tablePrefixIsSchema are not. If I set databaseTablePrefix and databaseTablePrefix during run-time then queries are executed fine.

Any idea how to configure databaseTablePrefix and tablePrefixIsSchema in

Thanks a lot in advance!