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General capability questions

Question asked by cthompson1 on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by jbarrez

I'm evaluating Activiti as well as other similar products.  I like what I see so far but have the following questions (and not a ton of time to dig into installing a demo)

1.  Can the workflow itself be used within another application.  In other words I have an application that has a dozen or so modules with documents and I'd like to allow for those document to be routed, is this feasible without moving documents into a total Activiti environment?

2.  I see the "claim" function in demonstrations, can a task be assigned to a user or group with an implied claim (bypassing this manual step).

3.  Can routing be impacted by data within the document itself?  For example if there is a cost of over X can it route to one person or group and if <= X to another?

4.  Does the system allow both parallel and serial routing?  If parallel is possible can rules be established that say 3 of 5 users must approve for the document to proceed to the next step?

5.  Can an end user (with appropriate permissions) eliminate a step or steps from the predefined work flow?

Thank you.