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custom rest service error

Question asked by skverma02 on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by trademak
i m using actviti-rest service to run my application its done verywell.
but my requriment  is something more so i m decide to make own rest service for this i m using spring-boot to make my own service .
i am run through curl {curl localhost:8080/my}
its give result

according to this tutorial {}  i m make a demo its run properly in embeded tomcat.which is embeded to spring-boot
but when i make a war file and deploy to external tomcat where my activiti-rest run it give 404 error { The requested resource is not available}

i m run thrugh curl {curl localhost:8080/newdemo/my} where newdemo is my war foldername
its give 404 error.
what i am do guys plz help me or any one know some tutorial regarding this plz give the link…

my project java class , processbpmn20.xml and pom .xml bellow in txt file..

plz help me…