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How to get tasks where user would be candidate if not already assigned

Question asked by schmke on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by schmke
I have a situation where a particular task has a candidate group and I display the tasks a user is a candidate for (member of the group) and they can claim them and they become assigned to them.  This all works fine.

However, I have a requirement for other members of the group to be able to see and claim these tasks, the scenario being a user goes on vacation with tasks assigned to them and another user wants to search and see a list of candidate but already assigned tasks and be able to claim them and work on them.  Or a manager wants to see a list of all the tasks for the group, assigned or not, and dole out assignments or reassign tasks.

It appears all the TaskQuery methods that deal with candidate groups only return the tasks that are not assigned, e.g. the SQL in Task.xml seems to always have these qualifications together:

and RES.ASSIGNEE_ is null
and I.TYPE_ = 'candidate'

So is there a way to fulfill my requirement?  Or would it require an enhancement to the API to specify to return tasks that are candidates even if already assigned?