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Concern: Activiti enterprise version diverging from community/open source version

Question asked by chuck.irvine on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by chuck.irvine
We are in the process of purchasing the enterprise version of Activiti. To become familiar with Activiti, I've been studying both the community and enterprise products and the community and enterprise documentation sources. I'm starting to suspect that these two products are starting to diverge so much that the are really two separate products, and this is making me uncomfortable. Some examples:

1. I purchased "Activiti in Action" by Tijs Rademakers. I find that it is almost no help in using the Enterprise version. It's orientation is towards developers and developers tools -which is fine, I'm a Java developer. But if you look at the enterprise version of the documentation online, the orientation seems totally different.

2. The enterprise documentation introduces the discussion of workflow, not by describing how to model using BPM notation, but by describing the "Step editor".  Is this a new direction that Alfresco is going with Activiti? If so, I don't think I like it.

3. The enterprise documentation describes two REST APIs, one that is available for both enterprise and community, and another that is only applicable to the enterprise version. The docs seem to imply that the common version is inferior with regard to authentication. If so, since the REST API is so important, shouldn't the problem be addressed in the common code? Why introduce overlapping REST APIs?

There are lots of other examples, I'm afraid.

I'd be very interested in getting the developer community take on this issue. Is there a unifying vision for the open source and enterprise products? Thanks