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Call activiti : call version from the same deployment, not the latest

Question asked by erwan on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by erwan

I have a BAR file containing :

Master calls sub using "Call Activiti" task.

The BAR file is deployed, I get
Master v1
Sub v1

1. I launch Master v1 instance "X", start a process that runs for hours.
2. In the meantime, I deploy a new BAR and get:
Master V2
Sub V2
3. instance X finishes the long running task and proceeds to task "Call Activiti: Sub"

Master V1 instance X calls Sub V1

Master V1 instance X calls Sub V2

I understand why it does that, but is there any way we could restrict the call to target the sub workflow version from the same BAR
(without knowing in advance the next id)

Thanks a lot to the devs for their work on Activiti