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using custom table instead of ACT_RU_VARIABLE

Question asked by vamsidharyeddu on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by hari
         We use activiti for our business process. We were using ACT_RU_VARIABLE(in the form of key,value pairs) to store information related to a process instance. And a lot of information is currently being stored in that way which made the dashboard(activiti explorer) very slow. So we decided to create a new table for that data with those keys as columns.We tried quite a few ways to go about that change:

Approach 1->Firstly we tried to tweak myBatis xml files(VariableInstance,Task and Execution) to use our new table instead of ACT_RU_VARIABLE. Inserts and updates are working fine(we were inserting into both ACT_RU_VARIABLE and our new table). We couldn't get selects to work.

Approach 2->We then tried creating a view of ACT_RU_VARIABLE from our new table. But this was also of no use.

My question is how to get the first approach working?