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When integrated with Rational Team Concert, diagrams appear to be blank

Question asked by bhooper on Mar 30, 2016
We have Activiti Designer 5.18.0 installed in Eclipse Juno and Eclipse Kepler. Furthermore, both Eclipse products have Rational Team Concert (RTC) installed to allow source control and collaboration (RTC server version is 4.0.7).

An Activiti project, comprising several Activiti diagrams, was already under development with Eclipse Kepler prior to installation of RTC.

This project was placed under source control by right-clicking and executing 'Team > Share Project' to store the project to a RTC Component of a Stream.

Unfortunately, in this state of source control via RTC, Activiti diagrams are no longer displayed in the visual editor. The palette is present on the right however the editing pane is blank. Opening the raw XML in a text editor shows that the diagram content is still present in the .bpmn file.

To me, this problem is very reminiscent of an issue with BIRT report file editing once RTC is involved (see The problem, apparently related to EFS and file system management with custom protocols, is captured in Eclipse bug 378882 ( Hopefully this is a useful pointer to what could be going wrong with Activiti Designer.