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Suspending and Stop/Cancel activiti Process instance

Question asked by neo1 on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by jbarrez
   Our application use Activiti v5.19.0. We need suspending/stop activiti process instance during process running.
   I know there are APIs to suspend activiti process instance, suspendProcessInstanceById(String processInstanceId) and activateProcessInstanceById(String processInstanceId). Here are my questions.
   1) Can we call API suspendProcessInstanceById in Java service task(JavaDelegate)?
   2) How does activiti suspend/re-activate process?
        For example, the process has three sequence tasks, task-1, task-2, task-3. We suspend process when process is running at task-2.
        a) Does activiti complete task-2 before suspending? Or suspending process right way.
        b) Which task will be resumed when re-activating process? Process will re-run task-2 or run task-3?
        c) Assuming re-activate is going to run task-3, in our application the task-3 is a receive task, so re-activate process instance will send signal to task-3 receive task to continue process?
    3) Is there API to stop/cancel the running process instance?