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What is the correct place for custom Task & Process Def attributes?

Question asked by jwestra on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by jbarrez
I need to add few 'metadata' fields to my Process and Task Definitions.  Just wondering if ExtensionAttributes are where I'd do this?

Here are two examples:

1. PermissionToStartProcess - we need to indicate a "Permission" to start the process (example: "Manage Special Events" permission).  It is a String that points to a valid "Permission" name in our own security realm.  If the User does not have the permission "configured" in the ProcessDefinition, they will be denied the ability to start the process.

2. AutoAssignOnCreate - we want to tag a UserTask as either AutoAssignOnCreate  = true/false.  If True, we have an AutoAssignTaskListener assign it immediately.  Otherwise, ignore and let the User belonging to the ProcessDefinition's candidate groups/users fight it out to get an assignee.

So, should I be using an ExtensionAttribute in the XML (or BpmnModel Java class) to configure these?

Or, do I need to build some kind of custom table to hold these configuration fields & look them up using the TaskDefinitionKey and ProcessDefinitionKeys?