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Restart the workflow from the desired step

Question asked by chandanmb1 on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by venkatesh@activiti

Assume i have a workflow

Start -> Task 1 -> Task 2 -> Task 3 -> End
We should not change the Workflow Template.

Now i am in the middle of execution of Task 2. User from GUI will choose restart from Task 1.
When Task 2 completes and during the start of Task 3, i should check whether user has told to restart.

If yes, i need to go back to Task 1 and again start the execution from Task 1.
I shouldn't execute Task 3

Is such scenarios can be handled in Java ?

Task could be of any kind (Service Task/User Task)  which ever you suggest for our business use case. I will use that.
But we need to achieve this scenario.

Any idea ?