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Activiti Engine and Activiti Explorer integrated in Alfresco (CMS)

Question asked by marco.altieri_7813 on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by jbarrez
Is there a document that describes the functionality available in the Activiti engine and Activiti explorer integrated in Alfresco (CMS)?

I know that the standalone application has more functionality, but I do not find a clear document that describes what is available in the integrated Activiti and what is not.

For example, I am interested to know if it is true that it is not possible to enable the "reports" tab in the Activiti explorer integrated in Alfresco.

I am an Alfresco partner and I am using enterprise 4.X and 5.X.

On the same topic, if we want to use the standalone Activiti engine using the Activiti connector, do we need a different license ? Or does the license for Alfresco cover also the standalone Activiti server?